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Binds Passionate freelancers and aspiring businesses worldwide together

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Here's a chance being created by hire programmers to support the disabled people by making them available in this freelancing platform to get their best technology skills utilized.

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If you are a Business house or an Individual looking to attract, recruit women into your technology teams, off roles, then you need to speak to one of the hire programmers angel.

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We believe that not only for a company, it is necessary to start a business in a sector it knows well but also it is the company's responsibility to provide efficient solutions for the problems that plague its sector.

Hire programmers has been started with this initiative bearing in mind the needs of the industry and bridging the gap between the market and talent. Banking on the experience and credibility of its main arm Quadruple which has been in the web development and talent scouting industry for 5 years, Hire programmers attempts to effect change by connecting the right people.

We have a strict set of standards according which we adhere to. We will ensure that in everything there is fair justice to everyone involved yet at the same time maintaining an uncompromising attitude to bad quality. We as a company consider every medium and platform indispensable in our goal to create efficient and better systems. Systems and methods that will help to achieve more and function better.

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