For Businesses

Post a project via a simple and uncomplicated process. This way you not only get to keep the details of your project confidential but also will not have to fill out a long and tedious form.

Hire programmers will get in touch with you immediately to assess and evaluate the requirements for scope and resources. We will create the detailed requirements for your projects, advice you on the technology to use and the amount of resources and effort it would cost you.

We will send you a list of closest matching freelancer profiles that will suit your project requirements. This will be a hand picked list of the best in the business, people with experience and talent.

You can then communicate personally with the freelancer and further assess whether he/she will suit your needs. Once you make your decision, we will draw up the project plan and set the ball rolling immediately.

You don't have to pay us for the evaluation of the project or the suggested list of freelancer profiles. Once the project plan is set and the terms are agreed upon. You still do not have to deposit the the project value with us. Your project will be started off for free.

Only on completion of the first phase of the project here. Again you need not pay the entire project instead you only have to pay for the amount of work completed. All further payments will be on a pro rata basis.

Hire programmers will support, manage, maintain and test your project 24 x 7. You can also track your project via shared time tracking tools. We will also provide you with backup developers in case of unavailability and ensure that your project always remains on track.

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