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You can sign up with us for free. Hire Programmers unlike lots of other sites does not have a premium membership fee etc. We will let your talent speak for itself.

Once you sign up, we will contact you and based on your skill set will openly welcome you into our resource pool.

Depending on your talents and experience you will be given the choicest hand picked project. You can also show your interest on a list of ongoing projects.

Once you are allotted a project, you can directly communicate with the client. Hire Programmers will help you in the management of the project and will also mediate new requirements from the client, thereby ensuring that you work only for what you agreed up on and work on your own terms.

You will be paid and not get scammed. Yes, Hire Programmers will ensure that you get paid on the amount agreed. You can also choose if you would liked to be paid on a pro rata basis or on the successful completion of the project.

The more you work on Hire Programmers the more your profile value increases, the more you your skills get noticed globally, the more you earn.

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